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  • What is (a) Hookah?
    A Hookah is a water pipe used to smoke Flavoured Tobacco.
  • Which or what kind of Hookah is best for me?
    Hookah comes in all shapes, forms and sizes. It is best to initially decide if you will be travelling or taking the hookah with you for smoking outdoors or you just want a hookah to smoke at home. For home use, we recommend getting a bigger hookah as it offers multiple hose attachments for when your friends are around. The larger the hookah base, the more room for smoke, which produces thicker, denser puffs. Nonetheless, there are many small hookahs we sell that smoke as well as the larger ones due to the shape and volume of their hookah base.
  • Single, Double or Triple hose hookah?"
    The number of hoses your hookah has will not affect the taste or smoke. As hookahs are mainly smoked in groups of at least 2, it’s convenient to have enough hoses to go around.
  • What is in Hookah tobacco?
    Regular Hookah is tobacco leaves mixed with fruit flavoured molasses, it contains no tar.
  • Does hookah tobacco expire?
    The wetter your Hookah Tobacco is, the better tasting it will be. If the Tobacco is not stored in a cool airtight place, it will begin to dry out, and taste less fruitful.
  • How do you light the coals?
    It is always best to light coal outside or out a window, ideally using our coal burners
  • Which type of Hookah coal is best for me?
    The type of coal that is best for you is dependent upon your smoking preferences as well as your smoking location. Typically for hookah smokers, it is recommended to use Natural Coconut Coals. These offer a better smoking session than using quick lite coals. However, in order for you to light them, you require direct heat for about 15minutes. Quicklite coals are easy to light and easy for on the go smoking sessions however they last only around 30 minutes.
  • How old must you be to buy or smoke a hookah?
    You must be 18 years old to buy or smoke a hookah. We do not sell any of our products to persons aged under 18.
  • I keep getting water in the hose?
    First check your water level, if the water in your base is too high it may get sucked in when you smoke. If the water level is just fine, try pulling less hard on your hookah.
  • Should I clean my hookah?
    Make sure to empty out your hookah water after every smoke. This will keep your hookah in its best tasting smoking condition for as long as possible. Cleaning out the water prevents the hookah from smelling, becoming bad tasting, and rusting. We recommend using dish soap and cold water to rinse your hookah throughout including the smoking hose.
  • What is that valve opposite the hose (slot) used for?
    The Valve is there to enable the hookah smoker to blow out the smoke from the base if the smoke becomes undesirable for any reason.
  • My Hookah isn't pulling easily, it is very stiff, and I can’t get a good puff, what can be the cause?"
    Check your hose, unplug it from the hose slot and attempt to blow hard through the hose, is there something stuck in there? is the hose clogged? If the hose is fine the next thing you may want to check is the hookah stem, be sure the stem is clear, shine a light at the base and remove the hookah clay bowl, be sure you can look directly down and there is nothing stuck in the pipe. If your hookah is clean and not being constricted by anything the next piece to check would be the hookah bowl, be sure the holes of the bowl are not clogged by old tobacco.
  • How much water do I put in the base?
    It is best to have the drop down tube, submerged in the water approximately 2.5cm - 4cm. The amount of water in your base will determine how hard you will need to pull on your hookah when smoking. The more water the more filtration there is as well. The less water the easier it is to pull.
  • How do I pack the Tobacco into the bowl?
    It is best to break up the tobacco into thin pieces before placing it into the bowl (using a fork). Then gently place the tobacco into the bowl filling it up just below the brim, allowing the Tobacco to stay fluffy and spaced, this will ensure the best tasting smoke.
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