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  • Aladin ALUX M5
  • Aladin ALUX M5

Aladin ALUX M5

Colour: Black

✓ COMPLETE SET - The Aladin Alux Model 5 includes both a hose and a chimney head set so that you can start smoking straight away.


✓ VERSATILE COMPATIBLE - The Aladin Alux Model 5 is equipped with 18/8 cuts and can therefore be expanded in many ways.


✓ CLOSED CHAMBER SYSTEM - With the built-in closed chamber system, stale smoke can be completely blown out of the bowl.


✓ QUIET COMFORT - Thanks to the removable diffuser, there are no disturbing noises during conversations and films.


✓ DURABILITY - All metal parts of the Aladin Alux Model 5 are made of aluminium, which is very robust and rustproof. 


In the complete set, the Aladin Alux Model 5 offers you the hookah itself, a hose with a matching mouthpiece, a hose spring, a chimney head set and a pair of pliers. In short: everything to get started right away. The base is equipped with a closed chamber system and can be easily connected to the bowl with a click-lock. If the shisha is too boring on its own, it is possible to expand it with a hose. Additional extras such as a molasse catcher are quick and easy to handle thanks to the 18/8 cuts.


without clay head: approx. 48 cm
with clay head: approx. 54 cm
with chimney head set: approx. 64 cm



1x head set (chimney attachment, clay head, seal)
1x aluminium carbon plate
1x aluminium smoke pipe
1x two-part head adapter
1x stainless steel water pipe incl.diffuser 1x
1x hose set (hose, spring, mouthpiece)
1x hose adapter
1x hose connection
1x valve ball (10mm)
1x pliers

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