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  • Aladin Hookah Alux 380
  • Aladin Hookah Alux 380

Aladin Hookah Alux 380

Colour: Gold

With our Aladin Alux 380 Gold Hookah you get a small Hookah with a smoke column made of aluminium at an unbeatable price.

The hookah comes directly in a complete package with a lot of equipment and offers you, in addition to its low weight and modern look, a reliable closure that makes it much easier to assemble and dismantle the hookah. The ground connections are a further relief. A closed-chamber system is built into the base, which allows you to easily blow stale smoke out of the bowl. The diffuser on the immersion tube can be adjusted and also removed, which allows you to influence the noise development. It is naturally equipped with a hose connection with a ground joint. With another, separately available, hose connection you can expand your Aladin Alux 380 and connect 2 hoses. In addition to the hookah itself, you have a silicone hose set and a tobacco bowl set included in the package. The hose set consists of an antistatic silicone hose with an aluminium mouthpiece and kink protection. The tobacco bowl set consists of a clay head and a Mockingbird attachment.


Size: 38cm without head


- light aluminium smoke column
- ground joint connections
- adjustable diffuser
- Silicone hose set
- Closed chamber
- Chimney head
- coal tongs


General note:

It can always happen that there are small air bubbles in the bowl, which do not affect the function of the shisha. Accordingly, this is not a reason for the complaint. Each glass is unique and has an individual colour gradient. As a result, the product may differ from the picture

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