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  • Celeste Crazy

Celeste Crazy

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The CELESTE shisha pipe range is well known to professionals and enthusiasts and has been extended with this new CELESTE CRAZY shisha pipe. At 36cm high, the CELESTE CRAZY stands out for its coloured patterns covering the whole shisha pipe as well as on the mouthpiece it comes with. Use the diffuser it comes with for a smoother draw and without the diffuser to enjoy the CELESTE shisha pipe's classic draw. Its thick glass vase has an LED compartment (doesn't come with the shisha pipe) and a secure CLICK system so you can be sure it seals properly.

You'll also find a complete package that is ready to use with a silicone hose, a mouthpiece in the colour of your shisha pipe, a diffuser, a clay bowl with a shaft-style heating screen, some tongs, a fine hose seal, a bowl seal and a cleaning brush.

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