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  • Kaloud Lotus I+
  • Kaloud Lotus I+
  • Kaloud Lotus I+
  • Kaloud Lotus I+
  • Kaloud Lotus I+

Kaloud Lotus I+

Colour: Grey
Out of Stock

Currently there are probably only a few items that are as hyped on the hookah market as the Kaloud Lotus Smokeboxes. The reasons for this are that the Kaloud Lotus attachments look incredibly good, are extremely high-quality and have great smoking properties. The Kaloud Lotus I +, produced in the USA, stands for the best workmanship and extremely simple heat regulation. The lid with the AirFlow Control Technology ensures extremely high temperatures when the air holes are closed, but if they are opened with a quarter turn, the heat can escape from the top. Thanks to the larger coal depot, the redesigned Kaloud can now use three coals right from the start. 


  • HEAT REGULATION HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY - Simple heat regulation by turning the lid with ease. The long lever doesn’t burn your fingers either. 
  • HIGH QUALITY PROCESSING - The Kaloud Lotus I + Smokebox is processed to a particularly high quality and thanks to the knobs attached to the bottom, the probability that the coals will run out is now lower.
  • - LONGER SMOKING DURATION - By using the Kaloud attachment, the coals have a longer burning time and the maximum aroma is extracted from every tobacco.
  • NO ALUMINUM FOIL NECESSARY - The Kaloud Lotus I + aluminum attachment makes head construction much easier, because even without aluminum foil, no ashes end up on the tobacco.
  • The Kaloud Lotus is only available by order. 

    Interested? Contact us to place your order. 

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