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  • Mockingbird & Clay head
  • Mockingbird & Clay head

Mockingbird & Clay head

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- EASILY REGULATING HEAT - Perfect heat regulation made easy. On the sieve, the coals always find the right distance from the tobacco.


- SIMPLIFIES THE SETUP - Simply put on the tobacco head, put on the coals and off you go!


- NO MORE ALU FOIL - The chimney top replaces the aluminum foil. It can be turned upside down without further effort.


- PERFECT FOR HEATING - A chimney top ensures even heat distribution and allows higher temperatures to be reached.


- PRACTICAL HANDLE - Thanks to the handle, the Aladin Mackingbird chimney top can now also be touched when it is hot without burning your fingers. 


The Aladin Mockingbird chimney top with handle makes setting up your setup child's play: No more tearing off, tightening and bending over the aluminum foil, simply place the chimney top on the tobacco bowl, put coal on it, done! The use of a chimney attachment enables higher temperatures to be reached at the same time. After the session, the rustproof Rainbow can simply be rinsed off under running water.

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