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  • E-Heater, 1000W
  • E-Heater, 1000W

E-Heater, 1000W


Are you looking for a clean solution to quickly bring your natural charcoal up to temperature? Then this coal lighter is the right help for you! The 1000W coal lighter is a very powerful device that can be easily stowed away and is suitable for larger sessions with your friends.


  • PERFECT FOR NATURAL CHARCOAL - With the electric coal lighter you can bring natural charcoal to glow quickly and cleanly.
  • HIGH CAPACITY - Heat enough coal for several shishas at the same time!
  • SET WITH CHARCOAL GRID - The supplied charcoal grill protects the heating coil and increases the service life of the charcoal lighter.
  • 1000W POWER - The coal lighter has enough power to bring a relatively large amount of shisha coal to glow in up to 5 minutes.


Technical data:
Power: 1000W
Voltage: 220-240V, 50-60Hz

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