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  • Steamulation - Prime Pro X
  • Steamulation - Prime Pro X

Steamulation - Prime Pro X

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An amazing one-tube shisha made of stainless steel that allows for maximum customisation and smoking pleasure. Highest quality “Made in Germany” with all patented Steamulation features!

Hand blown crystal glass and V2A stainless steel parts, which are manufactured, designed and assembled in Germany, guarantee a long durability.



  • 1x Steamulation Prime Pro X Clear
    • V2A head adapter with M16x1,5 thread
    • V2A cole plate 20cm diameter
    • 18.8 V2A smoke column adapter with M16x1,5 thread
    • V2A smoke column with 18.8 cut and M16x1,5 thread
    • Steamulation Prime Pro X single-hose with Steamulation Purge Control and Steamulation Airflow Control
    • Steamulation Prime Pro X V2A dip-tube (G1/4″ thread) with integrated, adjustable diffuser
    • Hand blown crystal glass bowl with SteamClick 360 closure bottom
    • 1x V2A hose adapter (18.8)
    • Unique serial number


How does Steamulation Prime Pro X differ from other shishas?

The Steamulation Prime combines highest quality and technical advancement in a compact size. It has all the typical Steamulation features such as the patented SteamClick 360 closure system, 18.8 adapters and the Steamulation Airflow Control, known from the Steamulation Classic Pro X models. The Prime Pro X is the only shisha in the world with the patented Steamulation Purge Control, which allows you to individually determine the direction of the smoke with only one movement. This, combined with the german-engineered draught features, makes this shisha the top of the premium compact shishas and does not shy away from comparison with established premium models like the Steamulation Classic Pro X. The single hose system, however, allows you to adjust this shisha with all its Steamulation functions to your preferred smoking behaviour in a completely individual and unique way.


Important Information:

Since all Steamulation bowls are made of hand blown crystal glass, please note that there may be small air inclusions and streaks in the glass. Furthermore, the above mentioned dimensions of the bowl may vary slightly. Furthermore we would like to point out that we recommend cleaning the outside of the glass lukewarm water and a soft cloth only.

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